Dir. James Hillier | 2020 | Theatre

'It’s been hot for days and now the air is heavy with the promise of something else. Thick. With something else.'

From her balcony, Marie blasts out the same tune, every day at 11am. On hers, Stella tends to red geraniums bursting with colour and life.

Two tower blocks facing each other. Two women who are looking for something more.

After a chance encounter in a hailstorm, they start to embark on a new relationship conducted from the safety of their balconies. But when a flurry of miscommunication jeopardises their relationship, will they have the courage to make it work in a world that is changing beyond recognition?

Defibrillator in association with the Tristan Bates Theatre presents SUNNYMEAD COURT. Written by Gemma Lawrence, directed by James Hillier, and produced by Jack Holden, SUNNYMEAD COURT will play at the Tristan Bates Theatre in from September 22nd to October 3rd, to small, socially-distanced audiences.


For tickets and more information, visit the Actors Centre website, here.


Dir. Jassa Ahluwalia | 2020 | 16 mins

STEFAN ALLESCH-TAYLOR PRESENTS a watersmeet production 'near' jassa ahluwalia and amy lennox

music by oliver patrice wider, make-up and hair designer beth fletcher, editor Riccardo Bacigalupo

Production DEsigner CAmille Etchart, director of photography matthew j smith

executive producers Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Esther Paterson and Neville Pierce

Executive producer Nick Giles, Produced by Alastair Mavor and Jack Holden

written by Cristian Solimeno, Directed and Produced by Jassa Ahluwalia

Written by Cristian Solimeno, NEAR depicts a young couple sharing fragile moments of intimacy, as they struggle to connect with reality, and each other.

“NEAR is a portrait of intimacy. I hope it draws audiences deep into its delicate heart, prompting reflection on the difficulties of being close to others. A quietly resonant film for all who have ever loved.” - Jassa Ahluwalia. Jassa also stars in the film, alongside Olivier nominee Amy Lennox.

HEART'S EASE, Jassa’s writer-director debut short film, won two Best Film awards during its festival run, and was an official selection at San Diego International Film Festival and the BAFTA-qualifying London Short Film Festival. Bestselling author Anthony Horowitz described it as “an accomplished piece of film-making”

NEAR is produced by Jassa and Watersmeet Productions - consisting of producers Jack Holden and Alastair Mavor. Watersmeet’s first film, BLOOD OUT OF A STONE, received its premiere at BFI Flare 2018 before playing at 6 further international festivals. It was nominated for Best Debut at London’s New Renaissance Film Festival 2018.

NEAR is executive produced by Neville Pierce, Esther Paterson and Stefan Allesch-Taylor - the executive producing team behind HEART'S EASE - and by Nick Giles, who was executive producer on BLOOD OUT OF A STONE.

NEAR will be available to stream soon.


Dir. Ben Allen | 2017 | 14 mins

Written and Directed by Ben Allen, Director of Photography Rory Langdon Down, 
Costume Design by Izzet Ers, Makeup Design by Evie Kelleher, Edited by Matteo Fadda, with music by Waterson. 
Associate Producer Mehmet Eryılmaz, Executive Producer FletcheR Williams, Executive Producer Nick Giles

Dan and Michael are meeting up for a date with a difference. Michael has set a challenge to test their first impressions of each other. But Dan is out of his comfort zone; he isn't used to dates requiring such vulnerability. Set against the backdrop of Central and East London, BLOOD OUT OF A STONE explores the modern dating scene, gay identity and loneliness. This intimate story of almost connections asks why we sometimes deny ourselves the happy ending we so crave...

BLOOD OUT OF A STONE premiered at BFI Flare 2018, then played at Leeds Queer Film Festival, Inside Out (Toronto LGBT Film Festival), New Renaissance Film Festival, London (Nominated for Best Debut Director), North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Way OUT West Film Fest, Albuquerque, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Mix Copenhagen LGBTQ Film Festival.

It is distributed by Peccadillo Pictures, and can be bought here, and streamed on the BFI Player.