Alastair founded Watersmeet Media Consulting Ltd in January 2020 to specialise in giving business affairs advice (including assisting with agreements) to a range of production companies, financiers, sales agents and distributors within the Film and Television industry. 


Alastair is a qualified lawyer (non-practicing) and spent 2 1/2 years at a major international law firm before moving to Lee & Thompson LLP in early 2018, where he spent nearly 2 years advising on Film and Television projects. He's worked as a lawyer on a vast array of film and television productions, including His Dark Materials (BBC), Years and Years (Red Productions), The Stranger (Red Productions), Fisherman’s Friends, Animals, I See You, Hope Gap, Days of the Bagnold Summer and Made In Italy. 


Alastair is also regularly engaged as an executive producer on film projects.


Jack has experience at every stage of film and theatre production.


He can help develop your script, draw you up a detailed budget, help you with fundraising, write an Arts Council England or BFI Network application on your behalf, line-produce or AP your project, connect you with agents, casting directors and crew, sort out your social media, and even shoot and edit your marketing content, audience reaction videos, and behind the scenes interviews